Armor and Weapons

Armor and Weapons are items that mechanically enhance your abilities to fight. Weapons affect offense, and armors affect defense, although there may be exceptions where an item may have an effect in both. Additionally, weapons may come with aspects or stunts, which you can invoke to receive special powers.

Example Weapons

Longbow of Mundanity
Just a standard-issue Republican longbow. Made of yew.
Weapon Gain +0 to make attacks with Rapport using this rifle.
The Sword of the Cherub
The blade of this fine steel longsword is engulfed in flames whenever its
holder enters combat.
Weapon Gain +1 to make attacks with Fight using this sword.
Aspect Dude, That Shit’s on Fire!
Stunt Flamethrower: Spend a fate point to send flames out from the sword’s
blade. Create the On Fire situation aspect with a free invoke or add
+2 to your next Fight-based attack.

Example Armor

The Mithril-Coat
This mail shirt is close-woven of many rings, as supple almost as linen,
cold as ice, and harder than steel. It shines like moonlit silver, and is
studded with white gems.
Armor Gain +1 to defend against Fight or Archery attacks.
Aspect Greater in Value than the whole Shire and everything in it

Armor and Weapons

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