George Edward Challenger

born as Achakaia, or Five Crows

High Concept Bastard Son of a Magician!
Trouble Power Corrupts, and I Have Power
Aspect 1 Over the Edge of the Final Frontier
Aspect 2 Cultured and Alone
Aspect 3 Mystery of the Universal Rhythm
Great Investigate
Good Magic Lore
Fair Fight Notice Craft
Average Rapport Decieve Physique Stealth
Naming Magic
Attention to Detail
Always Making Useful Things
Stress Tracks
Mental [ ] [ ]
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ]
Corruption [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Adenian money: £2 10℥ 3p.
Republican money: $92
Imperial: 3℥

Favored Spells DC
Mending 3
Make Malleable 3
Lighten 2

Born into the Liksiyu clan of the Cayuse tribe, George Collins’ life began auspiciously as the child of two magician from two different worlds. His father was a junior professor at the New Imperial College of Magic, his mother a native magician brought to the College by a researcher investigating the magical traditions of the First Settlers (another name of the New World native peoples.) They fell in love quickly and the relationship lasted a few short months before his mother was with child. Upon discovery, his father disavowed the relationship, and his mother quickly left the College, and headed homewards.

Young George never learned the name of his father, and by the time they returned to the Capital, his mother informed him that he had died. Whether or not this is true, or just a well-meaning lie remains to be seen.

Growing up in the mountain passes, George quickly showed himself to possess a magical prowess equal to his mother’s significant powers. Taught by his friends and family, he learned all he could. At the age of 14, his mother took it upon herself to bring him to the Capital. She had seen that his ability had developed as far as it could in the unstructured setting of the mountain elders’ teachings.

In the Capital, he learned from members of the Society of Wizardry, until recently a secret society due to the controversial nature of their more esoteric disciplines. During this time he learned much of other types of magic, as well as how to hone in on his own school, and better control his power. It was here as well he first discovered the volatility of his ability, and suffered his first great accident and his first corruption, trying to permanently alter a dagger for a friend.

Upon completing his studies, George was officially titled Magician. From there, he resolved to visit all of the New World. It was with this in mind that he became a traveling instructor. He spent many years traveling back and forth around the continent, instructing students who couldn’t afford one formal instruction, as well as refreshing the abilities of local magicians, or ousting them if they abused their power.

After two years teaching magic on the outskirts of the Republic, George returned to the Capital, and quickly found patronage among nobles as both a sculptor, instructor, and researcher. He worked for a year as the house magician of a wealthy noble family, and it was at one of their parties that he first met Zelda, and from that point onward his fate was set in stone. In an ill-advised game of one-upmanship with Isaac Fournier, he committed to voyaging to the Old World, and was enlisted in the crew.

Upon hearing of his impending trip to the Old World, his mother called him home, and there bestowed on him, with her fellow elders, The Mystery of the Universal Rhythm. With that, he was prepared to leave for the Old World, and we now look to the records to see our heroes.

notes kept at Challenger’s Notes

George Edward Challenger

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