Republican dollar

The Republican dollar is the official currency of the Republic of the Imperial Colonies. It is based on silver, although lower denomination coins are made out of copper. The dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

List of coins of the dollar

Denomination Value Weight† Metal Obverse Reverse
Imperium $16 200 gold‡ Idyllic Emperor
Half imperium $8 100 gold Idyllic Emperor
Quarter imperium $4 50 gold Idyllic Emperor
Two dollar $2 400 silver‡ Idyllic Emperor Svend Gormsson
One dollar $1 200 silver Idyllic Emperor
Half dollar 50¢ 100 silver Idyllic Emperor
Quarter dollar 25¢ 50 silver Idyllic Emperor
Dime 10¢ 20 silver Idyllic Emperor
Copper 500 copper Idyllic Emperor
Cent 100 copper Idyllic Emperor

†In grains; there are 480 grains in one troy ounce.
‡Standard Republican silver and gold has a purity of 90%.

Republican dollar

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