Mystery of the Countless Strings of Power

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The Mystery of the Countless Strings of Power is a Menene magical mystery. Most likely developed during the Age of Kingdoms, it has been passed down through generations as an esoteric tradition.


According to tradition, the Mystery of the Countless Strings of Power was hypothesized by the wizard Hydonemes in the Age of Kingdoms. His pupil Anthoridon further developed the mystery and set it to writing in the Codex Innumerabilium Chordarum Potestatum, which has been lost to time. By the First Age of Empire, was included into the general tradition of the Hypaxian school, which was practiced in Dimnadia and Nidinia until the Marzipitan Reform in 769. There is no record of the existence of the Mystery until the reorganization of Menene magic in the Republic following the First War of Succession.


The Mystery holds that there are countless invisible lines of various lengths that crisscross the physical world. They cannot be directly observed, but can be interacted with through magic. It is hypothesized that these lines may be used to manipulate the spiritual energy of others, physically affect objects, and send and receive messages over great distances.

Mystery of the Countless Strings of Power

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