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The Journey of George and Isaac

Book One of The Saga of the Empire Resurgent

Welcome to the home page of From the New World, a project which aims to document all information about the homebrew setting of the Fate campaign of the same name. It is currently in an early stage, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

From the New World is a wiki, and I encourage players to add to it. However, be cognizant of the canonical organization of this wiki. Each article, and often headings within an article, has a canonicity rating. These are:

  • Protocanon. Protocanonical articles are the word of the GM, and by extension, the word of God within the game world. These are considered to be as accurate as possible, and you can rely on the information in these articles. Players should avoid editing protocanonical text.
  • Deuterocanon. Deuterocanonical articles are considered also to be canonical, in that the information contained within exists within the game world. However, it is not infallible; these articles often are conjectural, biased, or legendary, and are usually primary sources. These articles can be informative, but take them with a grain of salt. Players should avoid editing deuterocanonical text without approval.
  • Apocrypha. Apocryphal articles are considered not to be canonical. They are often drafts or ideas of things that may eventually be worked into canon, or may be former deuterocanon that have been removed from canon. All player-originated articles will begin as apocrypha, but may be granted canonicity through GM approval. Players may edit any apocrypha they have created, and may edit other apocrypha to contribute ideas.

All of the articles in this wiki can be found in the following categories:

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