Adenian pound

The Adenian pound is the official currency of the Adenian Empire. It was created during the reign of Mary the Benign, but did not start to see widespread circulation until the early 14th century, as Menene currency became more scarce. It is unique among modern New World currencies in that it is not based upon the coins of the Menene Empire.

Although the pound is named after the weight of measurement, there is no coin that weighs an entire pound; rather, the one pound coin is a weight of gold equivalent to one pound of silver. By weight, the value of gold is sixteen times that of silver.

Coins of the pound

Denomination Value Weight Metal
One pound £1 360 grains (¾ oz) gold
Noble 4 ℥ 120 gr (¼ oz) gold
Quarter pound 3 ℥ 90 gr (3/16 oz) gold
Half noble 2 ℥ 60 gr (⅛ oz) gold
Crown 1 ℥ 480 grains (1 oz) silver
Half crown 9 p. 240 grains (½) oz silver
Groat 6 p. 160 grains (⅓ oz) silver
Threepence 3 p. 80 grains (⅙ oz) silver
Penny 1 p. 26⅔ grains (1/18 oz) silver
Farthing ¼ p. 360 grains (¾ oz) copper
Half farthing ⅛ p. 180 grains (⅜ oz) copper
Third farthing 1/12 p. 120 grains (¼ oz) copper

All Adenian coins bear an image of the ruling monarch on the obverse and an image of the Hibernician crown on the reverse.

Units of account

There are three units of account: the pound (£), the ounce (℥), and the penny (p). There are twelve ounces to a pound, 18 pennies to an ounce, and 216 pennies to a pound.

Adenian pound

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