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  • Lists of locations

    h2. [[Old World]] h3. [[Adenia Transdomnia]] * [[Storclip]] h3. [[Adenia Cisdomnia]] h3. [[Corduenis]] h3. [[Dimnadia]] h3. [[Nidinia]] h2. [[New World]] h3. [[Republic of the Imperial Colonies|Republic of the Imperial Colonies]]

  • List of Emperors

    This is a list of the Emperors prior to the [[Great Silence]]. † indicates the emperor was killed § indicates the emperor abdicated or was overthrown h2. Emperors of the First Age h3. Menene Dynasty |_.Name|_.Birth|_.Death| |[[Menenis Vetus]] …

  • Skill list

    This is a list of the skills available to characters. Archery Athletics Crafts Deceive Empathy Fight Investigate Lore Magic Medicine Physique Provoke Rapport Ride Sail Stealth Survival Will In addition, there are three sklls that …

  • Currency

    A *currency* is a form of exchange, usually coins made from precious metals. h2. Circulating systems of currency * [[Adenian pound]] * [[Republican dollar]] h2. Historical systems of currency * [[Imperial currency in the third age]]